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Chefs on Stage have over 15 years experience providing cookery demonstration theatres for many sectors including shopping centres, food and drink festivals, food roadshows, NHS, corporate events, supermarkets, town partnerships, stately homes, councils, TV production companies and major food and drink brands.
Shopping centres, malls, supermarkets and street markets...
A live cookery theatre is an entertaining, informative and cost effective way to increase footfall. That is why forward thinking shopping centres and malls are now recognising that these new style events are proving to be very successful in a competitive market place. Audiences are drawn to watch and pick up cooking skills and tips, the demonstrations are short and easy to remember and recipe cards can be downloaded from your centres website helping to drive traffic there as well as to the shopping centres and malls on the day.

Celebrity Chefs are really big in the public domain and with healthy eating high on everyone’s agenda, what better way to share easy recipes than with a live show which attracts media, local radio and TV attention.

• We offer the complete package from a kitchen, organising a chef, branding, prep area and chefs kits.

• Themed events at Christmas, Easter or Mother's Day are very successful. So too are bake-offs, childrens cookery workshops, healthy eating demonstrations, cake decorating masterclasses and Italian and French themed events.

Chameleon Demo Kitchen – what better way to promote your branded food products than with in-store promotional demonstrations to your customers that gets marketing messages across with great success and increase store consumer spend!
What our customers say...
"...I can reiterate that I thought it was amazing, as did the team. James and Gino were absolutely brilliant – so different, but delightful in their own right... I was star struck. It was lovely to meet you and I do hope we get the chance to work together again at some point soon!"
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